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Importers of various metal scrap, scrap ships, cable scrap, industrial scrap, obsolete scrap that includes aluminium scrap, copper scrap, steel scrap, motor scrap, brass scrap and iron scrap.

Metal scrap is any metal object or remnant that has been rendered as waste because of age or a variety of other factors. Scrap metal is divided into two main types:

  •    Ferrous Metal Scrap
  •    Non-ferrous Metal Scrap

  • Scrap metal of both ferrous and non-ferrous varieties, can be further categorized into home scrap and purchased scrap. Home scrap - Home scrap refers to that scrap which is generated at the mill, refinery and foundry and which is usually remelted and reused at the same plant.

    We offer scrap in various materials and forms like Electric Motors, Seamless tube, Welded Tube, Steel Iron Angles, Billets, Iron plates, etc and Selling Scrap in very reasonable price.

    Billets Electric Motors Mixed Seamless Tube
    Seamless Tube Steel Angle Iron Welded Tube
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